Science Shows Us Why Some Young Women Can't Resist Older Men

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Her DNA Determines Her Attraction To Older Men...

20,000 BC

Flashback to the dawn of man: The world was cruel, unforgiving, and most of our ancestors died young.

Whether it was from starvation, infection, or getting torn to shreds by a sabre tooth tiger - the average life expectancy was less than 30 years old.

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But a man who defied the odds, and lived to a ripe old age - that man was a HERO. A survivor. A genetic anomaly. A rockstar in a primitive time.

Because that old man resisted the disease that decimated his people.

That old man fought the terrifying cave bear, and lived to tell the talle...

And when his tribe was on the brink of starvation, it was that old man's spear that brought down the great wooly mammoth - saving them all from certain death.

His whispy white hair, battle scars, and leathery cracked skin were LIVING PROOF that he could do much more than survive in a brutal environmen... he could thrive in it.

And the most fertile females fought tooth and nail to mate with him.

After all, if HE lived to old age... perhaps his offspring would too.

Present Day

Fast forward to present day. Survival instincts from our distant past are hard coded into our DNA. And for many young women, that includes a fierce attraction to older men.

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